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Learn hacks and see what’s trending in hair style.

Fresh Hair Studio

Do You Love Wearing Fun Colors But Hate the Fade?

Wearing bold colors is a great power look. To help maintain the intensity let us customize a color wash for at home use. Santa Barbara deep conditioner with color pigment keeps your hair healthy and your color FRESH! Let one of our color experts mix a customized color mask for you today! Book an Appointment

Bubble Braids

Put hair in one or two ponytails. Use clear rubber bands, available at Fresh. Every couple inches, use a clear band. Using your fingers, open up braid in between bands.

Simple Winter Hair Hacks


The cold temperatures in the winter can create an itchy, dry scalp and hair. Static builds when moisture lacks, making styling more challenging. Here’s a few ideas to combat winter hair blues. Moisturizing Deep Treatment Use a moisturizing deep treatment like fresh “Restore 4 Repair”, it is fortified with keratin and extra nutrients that will… Read More »

Fresh Hair Studio is celebrating our Sweet 16th Birthday!

Reflecting on 16 years in business I’m drawn to this ironic thought – the only way to be consistent is through constant change. Our philosophy when we opened was, and still is, to create a unique environment for our team and our clients. One where individuality is celebrated, people feel comfortable, and confident, all while… Read More »

Easy Summer Hair For The Hot Days Ahead

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Hot Days It was only a matter of time before heat and humidity became the new normal. Here are summer-ready hairstyles that will make the transition a little chicer. Think outside the top knot. These easy hairstyles will carry you through every possible outdoor barbecue, beach jaunt, and humid wedding summer… Read More »

It’s Here!! Color Wow Dream Coat

Color Wow’s award winning Dream Coat seals your hair against moisture & gives you the sleekest, silkiest, smoothest hair you’ve ever had! Retail Price $29.40 Purchase Here  

20 Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas to Try This Summer

Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas to Try This Summer Flower crowns are pretty and all, but with seas of them swarming music festivals from coast to coast, it might be time to reimagine the way you wear petals — or skip them altogether. Yes, folks, it’s time to switch up the swag and try new things… Read More »

April Showers Bring Frizzy Hair!

April Showers are known to bring flowers…. and FRIZZY HAIR! Read these Fresh Frizz Free Hair Hacks to stay in Control! Frizzy hair is the price we pay for warmer weather. I guess sun kissed skin, flip flops and the beach make it worth the fight. These fresh frizz free hair hacks will keep you… Read More »

What’s Hot For Prom

Finding the perfect hair style for your prom can be a fun but overwhelming challenge. You want to be sure you’ll look back on your photos and love the way you looked! So here our some fresh & fabulous looks and tips to consider – book your hair and makeup today and let our fresh… Read More »