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I am 31 years old and I’m lucky to have worked at Fresh for 9 years. I am married with an amazing almost 3 year old son Jaxon. He is so awesome and the light of my life! I recently moved to the area from Philadelphia, and I’m loving the suburban lifestyle. Becoming a hairstylist… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry My favorite aspect of our industry is our ability to change a persons outlook on themselves.  I love “everything color” because the possibilities are endless! Fun Fact About Yourself I went to Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.  While visiting I took a day to see Paris and finally explored the Louvre… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry The education and constant change. Favorite Fun Fact About Yourself I love kick boxing What Do You Do In Your Spare Time? I enjoy shopping and working out. How Would You Sum Up Who You Are In This Industry? I’ve been in the industry for many years and still love… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry GOLDWELL® Brand, National Artistic Master, Rebecca Hiele’s love for creating beauty started at a young age while studying ommunications at a university in her native Philadelphia. She found herself more and more enjoying the work she did to pay for her education – first, as a beauty supplies salesperson, then… Read More »