No more bad hair days! Fresh pro tips #greathairdays.


Pro Tip – It’s all about location:

Blow drying your hair in a humid bathroom will be a struggle to control frizz and achieve the look you want. Move the operation to another location. 

Pro Tip – Use a Heat Protector 

Heat Protectors should be spritzed on before your blowdryer goes anywhere near your hair.  These thermal protecting products contain polymers that form a protective film on the surface of the hair to help dissipate the heat.

Pro Tip – Dry Your Roots First

Unless you have bangs, try flipping your head over and massage your roots while blasting with warm air.  

Tame Cowlicks and Unruly Pieces.  Hold them flat with a brush and blast with hot air for five seconds, then use the cool button to lock them in place.  Tackle bangs first. Under no circumstances should you let them air dry.  Getting any cowlicks out will be impossible.  Treat cowlicks as in pro-tip, then use a large round brush to smooth and lift slightly.

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