Declutter Your Life…


How many bottles of partially used hair products, shampoos and conditioners do you have? It’s time for Spring Cleaning. Try this fresh project to simplify your hair routine.

I had been recommended the bestselling book  “the life changing magic of tidying up”, by Marie Kondo. The book has changed my thoughts on getting rid of “stuff” by teaching me to keep only things that give me “joy”.  This is the time of year known for spring cleaning, so I wanted to share some ideas for those of us with more hair products than we need.

Here’s the plan. Start by gathering ALL of your hair products – gels, sprays, shampoos, conditioner, or any item in your home. Place them in one area together. This is the part that was an “aha” for me… The Author suggests that you pick each item up and decide if it brings you joy. What I realized is that some items brought me anxiety – will I ever use this? – am I holding onto it because I bought it and feel guilty getting rid of it?

Throw those products away!  Unless you pick it up and feel goodabout it,  don’t keep it. You gain control by simply letting things go.

When your done keep your shampoos and conditioners out of the shower, store other products vertically so they are not forgotten and what you will find is that the only things left are exactly what you need!

Caution you can’t stop once you start. Don’t tell your family, just do it and discover the magic. The more you give up, the more peace of mind you gain. Many find that after this process they are able to focus on the bigger goals in life.


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