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Simple Winter Hair Hacks


The cold temperatures in the winter can create an itchy, dry scalp and hair. Static builds when moisture lacks, making styling more challenging.

Here’s a few ideas to combat winter hair blues.

Moisturizing Deep Treatment

Use a moisturizing deep treatment like fresh “Restore 4 Repair”, it is fortified with keratin and extra nutrients that will help rejuvenate and rebuild. Leaves hair deeply nourished, use it after shampooing and on towel dried hair for 5 minutes once or twice a week.

Leave-in Moisturizer Cream

Add a daily leave in cream moisturizer like KMS “Moist Repair”, to restore moisture balance and improve manageability. Work through towel dried hair and then layer your favorite style products after.

Leave-in Moisturizer Spray

A spray leave in conditioner like UNITE “7 Seconds Detangler” is a great base to use on towel dried hair year round. This type of product does not weigh down your hair, instead it fortifies with protein and moisture. Detangling is made easy and you’ll glide through your hair after a few pumps.

Satin Pillowcase

A satin pillowcase and hair tie is a must, especially in dryer weather. Cotton absorbs moisture but satin maintains it. Satin pillowcases, beanies and hair ties keep your natural oils rather then depleting them! We carry a range of “Kitsch” items that are trendy and perfect for this

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