Julia Crane

Julia Crane

Favorite thing about the industry

I have many favorite things, but firsts that come to mind are making people feel beautiful & seeing the pretty smiles on their faces. My favorite hair related favorite thing would be doing extensions and highlights! I definitely like everything I do for hair though because I like that I’m not doing the same hairstyles all day every day. It’s fun to switch it up!

Fun fact about yourself

I have 2 Frenchies who are my entire personality its sad I can’t think of anything else but it’s fine

What do you do in your spare time?

Hangout with my husband and my dogs! I also love to run! I also love to eat sweets, so I tell myself that the running & sweets cancel each other out

How would you sum up who you are in the industry?

I’m always excited to talk to my clients and hear about their lives! I love hearing about all the tea. I also really love the relationships I have with all of my clients. My career makes me so happy and i couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

Awards/ Certifications

Bellami extensions certified, lash certified