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20 Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas to Try This Summer

Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas to Try This Summer

Flower crowns are pretty and all, but with seas of them swarming music festivals from coast to coast, it might be time to reimagine the way you wear petals — or skip them altogether.

Yes, folks, it’s time to switch up the swag and try new things when it comes to festival hair or put a remix on tried and true staples of the season (while trying to avoid any instances of cultural appropriation, naturally). Yes, this is the year to stand out and really get creative with your hair and serve some seriously double tap-worthy looks.


Here, we open your eyes to eye-catching festival hairstyles — ranging from mega-long box braids and colorful accents to natural textures and glitter roots — that are sure to turn heads and get camera lenses snapping as you make your way from set to set.














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