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I am 31 years old and I’m lucky to have worked at Fresh for 9 years. I am married with an amazing almost 3 year old son Jaxon. He is so awesome and the light of my life! I recently moved to the area from Philadelphia, and I’m loving the suburban lifestyle. Becoming a hairstylist… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry My favorite aspect of our industry is our ability to change a persons outlook on themselves.  I love “everything color” because the possibilities are endless! Fun Fact About Yourself I went to Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.  While visiting I took a day to see Paris and finally explored the Louvre… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry The education and constant change. Favorite Fun Fact About Yourself I love kick boxing What Do You Do In Your Spare Time? I enjoy shopping and working out. How Would You Sum Up Who You Are In This Industry? I’ve been in the industry for many years and still love… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry GOLDWELL® Brand, National Artistic Master, Rebecca Hiele’s love for creating beauty started at a young age while studying ommunications at a university in her native Philadelphia. She found herself more and more enjoying the work she did to pay for her education – first, as a beauty supplies salesperson, then… Read More »


Amy C

Favorite Thing About The Industry My favorite thing about the industry is seeing the change in someone’s mood when they leave my chair. Some days can feel like life is throwing you a curve ball…change your hair! It always makes me feel better. Favorite Fun Fact About Yourself I have a large family. I am… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry It’s as if I fell down a rabbit hole and never looked back. Every day brings something new. This industry has taught me that if you keep an open mind, there’s always room to grow. Favorite Fun Fact About Yourself I can moon-walk way better than Deb. What Do You… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry My favorite things about the industry are having the ability to make others look and feel beautiful as well as being able to experience and meet all different types of people. Fun Fact About Yourself I’m obsessed with animals, especially my Mini Dachshund Homer. I love to bring him everywhere… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry The ability to be creative and channeling that creativity into making people look and feel good. I also love that there are so many new things that happen in this industry. I am certified in Hot Heads and Babe extensions. Also certified in Keratin smoothers. I’ve also had the chance… Read More »


Favorite Thing About The Industry I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their best look. The hair and fashion industry are constantly evolving. I enjoy learning and continue to attend educational sessions in order to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. I am inspired by the constant change and challenges of… Read More »